Top 10 Games For Halloween

Are you ready for the season of darkness, gore and terror this week? Here at Applorer (, we’ve been busy testing multitudes of games for the Halloween season but these games are definitely our Top 10 favourite so far. Get ready to spook yourself silly. You’ve been warned!

1. Dead Trigger by MADFINGER Games 

Dead Trigger -

This game runs so smoothly on all devices, has great controls, great graphics, and the ragdoll physics are amazing. Quite simply, it’s really something “to die for”. You won’t regret the endless hours of brain splattering action!

2. Gun Zombie: Halloween by PNIX Games

Gun Zombie -

Attention to all marksmen-wannabes. Be spooked out by the Halloween-themed monsters and shoot your way past them. They can be quite scary so just remember to improve your weapons and speed!

3. Shoot The Zombirds by Infinite Dreams 

Shoot The Zombirds -

This game feels a little like Temple Run. Not in terms of the running but in terms of achieving certain objective and getting acknowledged for what you’ve accomplished. It’s a pretty simple game where you just shoot the (yup, no mystery here) Zombirds. With beautiful graphics and awesome sound effects, for a free game, it’s really quite a steal!

4. Zombie Frontier by FeelingTouch Inc. 

Zombie Frontier -

It’s a straightforward game that doesn’t need much explanation. Just shoot zombies at a wildfire speed. Just be prepared for lots of blood and gore! Eeek!  

5. Nightmarium by Game Garden™ 

Nightmarium -

It’s a beautiful little thing, with spooky comic visuals that are lovingly designed. There isn’t exactly a huge variety of animations, with monsters sort of sweeping onto the screen, rather than giving off the impression of any real movement, but it’s hard to deny that a lot of effort has gone into making the game look it’s absolute best.

6. Death Dome by Griptonite Games Inc 

Death Dome -

There’ s a good mix of brutal combat and dark humor added together with familiar gameplay. With a fun selection of weapons and gear and impressive giant boss enemies, you’re guaranteed hours of fun.

7. Yumm Halloween by Fancygames Ltd 

Yumm Halloween -

We’ve introduced lots of action-packed games so far but this is by far the funniest and cutest game that you can play together with your friends, family and random people. Don’t be deceived by the adorable creature; Yumm bites (ouch!). Be paranoid, be very paranoid.

8. Zombie Wonderland 2 by Xoobis 

Zombie Wonderland 2 -

Despite being another Zombie game, being able to travel through time and genres adds lots of unique visual diversity and fun to this game. It’s somewhat like a top-down 3D tower defense; rather quirky and entertaining.

9. Gears & Guts by Glu Mobile 

Gear & Guts -

This game has pretty fantastic graphics and looks rather old school to us. It’s really easy to get the hang of it so we’re guessing that in no time, you will become addicted to the missions.

10. Zombie Defense Free by Dromedary, LLC

Zombie Defense Free -

Talk about stamina; for this survival strategy game, you’ll have to last through 20 levels of horror. Contrary to our beliefs that Zombies typically move slowly, this game requires you to be quick-witted to kill the fast-moving Zombies for every level. An Applorer favourite!

And there you have it, our Top 10 Halloween Games for 2012! For more recommended Halloween games, download Applorer ( and scare your friends silly!

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